19 Best Budget (4D and Full Body) Massage Chair To Buy in 2021

19 Best Budget (4D and Full Body) Massage Chair To Buy in 2021

Who does not love to enjoy a great quality massage after a long day of work and enjoy ultimate relaxation at home? No one but many of us thinks a massage chair is a luxurious and expensive item. We do not trade all because many budget massage chairs are available on the market to provide high-quality massage almost identical to more expensive massage chairs.

If you are an athlete doing some extreme sports activities or doing disc jobs for a tremendous amount of time, your body will eventually get tired. That is when you’re going to need a good massage, and for that, you’ll need something compact which can take care of your stress muscles, and that is a massage chair that can help you reduce your muscle pain after a long tiresome day.

You may find a lot of massage chairs in the market with different functionalities and price ranges. But to help you out, we have listed the top 19 massage chairs that you can take a look at before going out and buy. In today’s article, we’re going to review the top 19 best budget massage chairs that you can buy to enjoy a great massage at home and relieve yourself from every distress. 

1. Kahuna Massage Chair HM-Kappa

HM-Kappa Massage Chair
Image: Amazon.com

Introducing the new rhythmic human massage chair HM-Kappa. Featuring central touch refined design with state-of-the-art technology, this is indeed a luxury contemporary massage chair.

This massage chair features fully automatic movements with a full-body scanning massage system, so every part of your body is ideally taken care of. It has 15 unique auto massage programs so that you can accommodate all types of body conditions. Being able to accommodate users find between 5 feet to 6 feet 1 inch and hold a human weight at 330 pounds.

This ergonomic chair can reach every inch of your spinal curvature. Its rhythmic Kahuna massage chair movement system contains 96 individual air cells, provides more enhanced blood circulations, and increases oxygen levels. This massage chair has heating therapy on the upper back, lower back, legs, and feet area with three different temperature controls.

If you often get tired after a long day of desktop or if you’re a sportsman, you would need this state-of-the-art massage chair after a great haul of activity ends.

Available in Colour Black, Brown, Gold, Purple White
Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds
Movement Automatic
Massage Programs 15
Temprature Control 3 Modes

User Experience (Reviews) on Kahuna Massage Chair HM-Kappa

Frank Mezler
Great features and great massage!
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I bought this for my wife who is always sore in her back and neck. This chair has so many features and options it is mind blowing. The only issue I had were the instructions for assembly and for operation. They definitely need to be be redone. Assembly was easy, but it took much longer than it should have because of the poor pictures and instructions. Other than that, the chair is awesome!
Reo Kim
Must buy but costly
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Most detailed massage I received from the massage chair
Consumer Advocate
Great chair - but GOD FORBID if something goes wrong!
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I LOVE this chair - but 6 months in - the remote started not working - so now I have a 10K paperweight! I contacted the warranty dept, but they don't seem to give a crap how much you've spent! The don't return calls but do answer back via email - that is unacceptable to me after spending this kind of money!

2. Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair

Image: Amazon.cm

Give your body the ultimate massage it craves for and forget the stress and pains of a long day of work with Kahuna SM-9000. Kahuna chair is the number one budget massage chair in this list designed to provide you comfort like no other massage chair on the market.

This chair comes with nine other programs, including four spatial programs with zero gravity technology. It allows you to customize your massage experience and relax with comfort.

It comes in top-performing technology embedded with various techniques: kneading, tapping, knocking, and many more to deliver excellent massage on selected by the portion. Its six rollers provide an experience of being massaged by six different hands and the whole body being embraced while the massage has been processed.

It can accommodate all body types, including heavier and bigger body figures adding three more inches to the shoulder and hip area to accommodate all body types up to six feet five inches and 320 pounds.

The Kahuna SM-9000 Superior massage chair packs many features, budget price range, and vice grip massage experience at home, and you can get it online at the price of $8,999

Available in Colour Black, Brown, Brown Wg
Weight Recommendation 320 lbs
Foot Massage 3D Wrap Around Foot Massage
Total Programs 9
Total Massage Roller 6 Massage Roller

User Experience (Reviews) on Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair

Chul Bum
Amazing massage chair, feels just like a person doing it!!
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When I first did my research on massage chairs, I didn't know where to start. I visited one of the Kahuna stores near my home and the sales person was so kind to me. She explained each and every thing about the chair and answered all my questions thoroughly. She gave us the SM-9000 at an amazing price!! I do not regret buying this chair. It feels as if I'm getting a professional massage from a person!!
Sungho Lee
The Perfect and Best massage chair I’ve ever tried!
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Perfect for my bodyaches that actually have affected all areas of my daily living for past 40+ years. I’ve tried many massage chairs at various places, but never could find the one like this! I use it daily or even twice a day because it lightens my day. Money well spent!
Daniel K.
Love the chair
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Excellent chair - would recommend visiting the local showroom in SoCal to test out before purchase. It has bluetooth & heating - best parts of the chair. The LED also looks nice as well. My neck/shoulder pain started to go away after first few uses of the chair. Also 5 year full warranty? Can't beat that.
Feeling like human touch !
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I just purchased it and used 5 times. I like SM 9000. It is very detail as like human touch. Also its cover sheet is very well fabricated and looks replaceable. However, there are something to be absolutely updated. 1. Air pressure control is poor and not detail. Each intensity from 1 to 3 step feels same. 2. Power cable is too short. 3. Poor installation manual

3. Infinity Evolution 3D/4D

Image: Amazon.com

Meet the evolution massage chair from infinity. With the industry’s latest technology, this massage chair is the perfect blend of luxury and convenience. The evolution of 3D technology allows users to adjust the rollers’ weight, length, and depth for a more personalized massage. The added 4D technology varies the speed of the 3D motion.

The vigorous kneading and stretching functions effectively decompress your entire body, while its gentle massage is an excellent feature for a lunch break or before sleeping. The chair’s curved design allows the massage rollers to touch the shoulder and neck entirely and effectively relieves fatigue in these areas.

You can easily control your massage by simply telling the evolution of your programs. This massage chair has adjustable shoulder airbags, which you can rotate up or down to better fit your shoulders and enhance the decompression stretch. This glorifying massage chair is designed to suit muscles after sports activities and exercises. It can help you relax your muscles and speed up recovery time after intense exercise, and you can get it online at the price of  $8,999

Available in Colour Rose Gold and Black
Technology 4D Technology
Body Massage Full Body
Design Ergonomic
Control System Voice Control and App
Rating 5.0/5

User Experience (Reviews) on Infinity Evolution 3D/4D

Amazing massage for lifetime stress relief
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Amazing massage chair! Would like to say this is one of the best purchases I’ve made

4. Human Touch® Sana Massage Chair

Human Touch Sana Massage Chair
Image: Amazon.com

Introducing the Human Touch Sana, a stunning and ergonomic massage chair that talks about simplicity and has so much more beneath its striking design.

Its cloud touch acupressure will apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles. The zero gravity position of this chair will create a little back and elevate your legs above your heart which is the position that doctors recommend as the healthiest way.

Its dual number adjustable and targeted heat gently swiz the back to losing the tight muscles and helps relieve pain. This chair has underfoot rollers to optimize reflexology and adjustable intensify for calves and feet, while the extendable leg wrists also adjust for your height.

You can connect your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled music device with its built-in speaker and enjoy soothing music while enjoying a relaxing massage. You can also use its built-in USB port to charge your electronic devices while listening to music, watching videos, or reading a book.

If you are searching for a massage chair within an affordable price range, you can get this massage chair online at the price of $2,999.

Available in Colour Rose Gold and Black
Technology 4D Technology
Body Massage Full Body
Design Ergonomic
Control System Voice Control and App
Rating 5.0/5

User Experience (Reviews) on Human Touch® Sana Massage Chair

Robert C Gladstone
Like it with room for improvement
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The chair is great when compared to other more expensive chairs. The only thing would improve is calf roller. It’s ineffective, bare notice it’s there. Also, the cloud squeeze on my foot is too much even at the soft setting. Lastly, the speakers are marginal at best. None of these criticisms diminish my enjoyment of the chair, just things I wish were better.
C. Cocchi
Human Touch Sana Massage Chair
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Great chair at a great price. The company that delivered the chair were incredible, and I am glad that I bought it
John Dane
Great Chair!
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Oh how I do love this chair, worth every drop of platelets I had to sell to purchase it! As soon as my strength and law allows, I’m getting one for the misses, in a color of her choosing.
Works great, but
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My mail man hates me for this purchase. Homie was struggling, so hard I let him use it first.

5. Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair

A massage can improve your circulation, help promote tissue regeneration, leave back pain and give you a better night’s sleep. Meet the MK-II Plus whole body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair, a one-of-a-kind chair that fulfills all of our massage needs.

Featuring L-track Massage System, this chair can reach your neck and shoulder area down to gluten to achieve a seamless stream of relief. It has a built-in heating system consisting of two heating pads that allow the tension to release and promote relaxation.

Its uniquely designed airbags can work simultaneously or individually, and they will relieve tension and pain by applying pressure on the body. The built-in sensor of this chair automatically measures the length of your spine to pinpoint specific locations to massage.

If you are searching for a comfortable massage chair that can provide you with all the conveniences you would want, then this can be a good option for you, and you can get it online at the price of $2,199


Available in Color Charcoal and Chocolate
Massage Programs 7 Programs
Massage System L-Track
Airbag Design Ergonomic
Rating 4.5/5

User Experience (Reviews) on Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair

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I use this chair every day and LOVE it. My only regret is that I didn't order it earlier. It came fully assembled with the exception of 2 bolts on the footrest, and that was easy to complete. I can't recommend this enough. I have had it for 4 months now with no problems and just ordered one for my uncle because he liked it so well. I highly recommend this chair.
Hubby's Best Bday Gift
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The husband loved this gift. We saw one of these in a furniture store but the price was way too high for the features he wanted the most. He likes the shoulder message and lower back option. We wished the time was longer than 30 minute intervals but it was still worth the price. It would have been if the the delivery included haul away of the pallet. It would also been nice if instructions were included.
J Andrews
Best bang for your buck out there.
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This has been one of the best investments I’ve made. The chair will literally message the days stress away. Everything has worked great without any issues, although it’s only been a few weeks. If you are on the taller side (I’m 6’2”), there are certain positions that will not work including the zero gravity position. I’m still able to get really comfortable. Be prepared that it takes a few sessions to know what works best for you. All in all, great chair at a great price.
The control unit and brochure
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The brochure is hard to see and follow. The print is too small and the arrows pointing to the buttons are difficult to follow as the black and white diagram is too busy and not easy to follow. The control unit itself has buttons that are not easy to use without referring to the guide brochure.
S. Lopez
Not As Powerful As I Was Expecting
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Purchased this product to help alleviate pain associated with degenerative disc and joint disease. After sampling a massage chair for the first time at Costco recently, I immediately went home and began browsing Amazon to find something comparable and landed on this product. Reviews are great and the lumbar massage sealed the deal.

6. Infinity IT-8500

Infinity IT8500

Give your body the ultimate relief with Infinity IT-8500, a feature-packed massage chair built to provide you comfort in every part of your body. It comes with a unique 3D technology that allows the user to adjust a rollup dip from a low-intensity massage to a powerful deep tissue massage, making it suitable for any person.

Infinity IT-8500 is equipped with eight airbags partnered up with six rolling soul massagers. This chair is designed specifically to squeeze, need a grill, and swing massage sole, arch, heel, and ankle. It has built and mounted a compact remote and six new preset programs to customize your massage program.

Thanks to its heat function, discharge entry warm up to gradually reduce pain and tightness to ensure healthy blood circulation. The Infinity IT-8500 can be your ideal massage partner, and you can easily order one online at the price of $5,999


Available in Color Chocolate Brown and Classic Black
Massage Technology 3D Technology
Massage Programs 6 Programs
Total Airbag 8 Airbags
Rating 4.7/5

User Experience (Reviews) on Infinity IT-8500

Ako Ito
Great features for the price
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This massage chair has great features. I love that it is bluetooth enabled so i can listen to my spa music right through the chairs' speakers. I also love that you can adjust the airbags so it can squeeze my calf the way i want during the massage.
Babe J.
Buy This One!
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I don’t know why it’s $2000 less for the same item advertised in other listings but it was in perfect shape and has made my life much better
Comfy, easy to assemble office chair so far.
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This chair so far has been great. Have had it for a few days and no issues. It was super easy to assemble. We got this for a gaming chair. I will say the only issue is not with the chair but the way this was delivered, by usps.... I wish I could have selected no to ever getting items delivered by the post office.
The best!
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This chair is awesome and they have excellence service!
Best Stress Relief EVER!
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I have back issues and this has been The Best Investment to help! The features are Amazing and I use the chair Every Day! It’s so worth the money. Not to mention the comfort! Buy one! You Will Not Regret it!

7. OSAKI OS-3D PRO Alpina

Osaki Titan Pro 3D massage Chair

Get the perfect massage every time with Osaki OS-3D Pro Alpena, a massage chair packed with features to provide you the best massage out there. It comes in treated massage technology that ensures you always get the perfect massage on every part of your body for optimum relaxation.

Equipped with two-stage gravity and S track, this massage chair can deliver massage like no other chair on the market. This chair has six air back seats with hip massage to provide you excellent massage and increase blood circulation. It has heating on the shoulder that gradually heats up to ensure comfort and enhanced blood flow all around the body.

It also has an mp3 player connection with Auto Lake scan for optimum comfort. If you’re looking to buy the perfect massage chair out there, then Osaki OS-3D Pro Alpena is the right choice for you, and you can get it online at the price of $2,199


Available in ColorBlack, Brown, and Cream
Massage Level5 Level
Massage SystemSL Track System

User Experience (Reviews) on OSAKI OS-3D PRO Alpina

Gabriel Cheek
We love it!
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So my wife and I have tried many chairs and most of them we don’t both like, for her it’s either too hard or me it’s not hard enough. This chair it a great balance between the two. Various modes are really hard, not brushing hard but very strong, other modes are very soft. So we are thrilled by the balance. Also the seller shipped incredibly quick and we got it a week before estimated! WOW!
Great chair!
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Great massage chair! Love the force and location of massage. Good variety of preprogrammed massages and custom settings. Zero gravity, arm squeezes, leg squeezes, and foot rollers are wonderful additions. Customizable to a point my wife and I each fit even with 6-7" height difference. Delivery as expected but very heavy to get into the house.
Great chair!!
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Dislikes it massages your head too much. Likes: i like every massage program on ut, especially the good night, stretch and refresh. I love the 3D roller and heating pads on back. The feet rollers and airbags are wonderful.Over i dont regret buying and i do recommend this chair.
Do not pay for assembly! not necessary
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I paid for the assembly which was $149 which is not necessary. The chair is pretty much assembled as is just plug it in. I wish someone had told me this ! i cant believe assembly was even an option to pay for.
Bobby Wells
Massage chair is wonderful
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Chair never received, ended up getting a refund on that one and ordered a slightly different Osaki that is absolutely fantastic! My whole family loves the Osaki massage chair, one of the best purchases we've made in a long time!

8. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Massage Chair

Luraco i7 Plus massage chair

Meet the iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair From Luraco, an intelligent and comprehensive machine that is truly the best massage chair in the industry. This massage chair is integrated with health monitoring features to measure your blood pressure and heart rates.

It has the most up-to-date and intelligent sensor technology for accurate body shape neck and leg length detections and takes further obligate measurements. Its most advanced and precise 3D robotic systems with the latest control technology provide superior lower back, neck, and shoulder massage techniques while also having three layered foot and cuff massager.

Featuring up to five personal user memory settings and nine automatic preset programs, your whole family can experience customized and convenient massage. So if you are looking for a massage chair to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, then look no further.


Available in Color Black, Chocolate Brown, and Cream
Massage Programs 9 Programs
Massage Technology 3D Technology
Heating System Full Body
Rating 3.5/5

User Experience (Reviews) on Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Massage Chair

Head to toe relief!
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I have achieved sciatica relief after only five sessions in the chair. It's very heavy so don't try to get it in the house with less than two strong people but once it was in, it's very easy to assemble and looks and feels great.
K Rushing
Great chair........Great investment.
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First review ever. This chair is unreal. If you have a chronic bad back and pay for massages, cut back on massage or chiropractor and buy this chair. It's hard to believe but it will pay for itself over time. I know I will require far less treatments with this chair.
Michael D.
Love It!!
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This chair gets used daily in our house by every member of our household (6 total). We love it so much that we cancelled our membership to M.E. as we found this worked just as well and we have it in the convenience of our home!
Kennan Pham
Best massage theoapy machine.
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Best product, best customer service, advantage technology, best massage theoapy machine. Therefore, It will be good recomandation, good investment. Will happy with it.
Huy L.
the touch screen gone bad just after 11 days
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we got the massage chair for 11 days and the touch screen gone bad. We set up the pass code so the kids couldn't mess around with it. when we turn on power, the touch screen is bank.

9. Osaki Pro Jupiter XL

Osaki Pro Jupitor massage chair

Introducing the Osaki Pro Jupiter XL that delivers incredible massage in retirement is engineered to accommodate taller people. This massage chair will help contour the back with pinpoint accuracy delivering a consistent massage pressure top to bottom. It extends in and out, hiding the curves of the lumbar, shoulder, and neck region.

Most traditional massage chairs will stop at the hips, where the L track allows the rollers to extend past the glutes reaching the top of the hamstrings. By perfecting the pressure applied to the sides of the head, you will experience the most convenient head massage ever. The arm massager of this chair is 20 inches in length composed of four airbags per side that surround the forearms, wrists, and hands. The heat therapy feature of this massage chair will increase blood circulation and loosen your chest muscles.

While also having two different types of foot massages, the tight-end Jupiter features advanced Bluetooth features to answer your phone calls without being interrupted during the massage. You can also listen to music from its built-in speaker. The Osaka Pro Jupiter XL massage chair will escalate a research experience to a whole new level, and if you are tall enough, this should be the perfect one for you.


Available in ColorBlack, Beige, and Cream
Massage Programs9 Pre-Set Programs
Massage Style5 Massage Style
Massage Technology3D Technology
Massage SystemL-Track Massage

10. Synca Massage Chair KAGRA

Synca Massage Chair Kagra

This combination of traditional massage and modern elegance blends seamlessly into your home and provides convenience to the users. To relieve stiffness in specific regions, you can create your customized massage courses by selecting any manual or auto techniques you need.

The Kagra massage chair features an adjustable footrest and backward angles. Its adjustable armrest positions automatically adjust in conjunction with the backrest recline to ensure complete contact with all massage surfaces.

The heat pad of the chair can lay behind you to hit your back in front of your chest and stomach and even can warm your hands with its pocket hand warmers. This economical chair has built included speakers blended into the headrest so that you can use your mind while soothing your body by listening to your favorite music.

The Kagra massage chair is dedicated to confidence just for you. A special place in your home a retreat from the stresses of daily life. And if you want one for you and your family, then you can get it online at the price of $4,999


Available in Color Black, Brown, White
Massage Programs 13 Programs
Stretch Program 6 Programs
Massage Technology 4Technology
Rating 5/5

User Experience (Reviews) on Synca Massage Chair KAGRA

Absolutely fantastic!!!
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My whole family loves this chair! Absolutely a wonderful addition to our household! The auto functions are fantastic and you can perfectly dial in the custom massage to pinpoint whatever areas you want.
Best Customer Service and Chair
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Hello, to whom it may concern. This product by far is the best massage chair I have ever purchased and I have purchased a few. In addition, the customer service from day 1 to the present has been outstanding. Interacting with Sales, Purchase, Software updates, technical assistance, phone discussions and a prompt scheduled visit from one of there techs has proven to me that this company know how to build a great product and provided customer service. I am extremely happy with this product and happy knowing I can send an email and get a quick response to any question or request I may have.
An odinary father
A relex helper for busy life just like you and me.
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This is not my first massage chair ( I own an OSIM) before, but this Kagra is very impressive. Good shape/ design and soft materials makes it look premium. Multi function controller to provide different area(s). Bulit in BT speakers, function key in handle for recline controller and strength level. Like it and recommended!