10 Top-Rated Inflatable Kayak or Canoes To Buy in 2021

10 Top-Rated Inflatable Kayak or Canoes To Buy in 2021

Kayaking is a fun and exciting way to explore the waterways. Besides being less expensive, the inflatable kayak tend to be more portable and lightweight since you can quickly inflate them in minutes anywhere. No matter if you’re using them for white water rafting, fishing, touring, or recreational purposes.

The inflatable kayak will be the best option to consider, without a doubt. So in this article, we’ll review the top 10 best inflatable kayaks that can elevate your kayaking game to the next level.

1. Intex Excursion Pro K2

Intex Excursion Pro K2 inflatable kayak

Get ready to know the ultimate Intex Excursion Pro K2, a two-person professional series of inflatable fishing kayaks designed with heavy-duty materials and many ergonomic features constructed with high-quality three-ply super-tough PVC.

This kayak holds up to a massive 400 pounds of weight without any issue. Not only that, but this material is also unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water, making this one-of-a-kind kayak that is highly impacted and damage resistant indeed.

It’s got a directional skeg to navigate deep waters while a short scan is there to navigate in shallow waters. Additionally, stainless steel D-rings to secure your bags and accessories will help you most of the time while catching fishes with high-pressure spring-loaded bulbs.

You can quickly inflate and deflate this kayak in a few minutes or so, and for your comfort, there are inflatable seats with a backrest and booster pads. In contrast, adjustable footrest floor-mounted provides added stability while kayaking.

Material3 Ply High Impact Material
Person Capacity2
Payload CapacityUp to 400 lbs.
Air Chambers3
Kayak Weght∼46.73 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on Intex Excursion Pro K2

Very good value
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I was looking for a low cost Kayak for occasional paddling. The really low cost vinyl film Kayaks were a bit too flimsy for my taste so I ordered this one, made of textile reinforced PVC rubber. I have not taken it to a lake yet but I must say I am surprised of the sturdy quality feel of the boat with a bunch of usable equipment. Since I can not take it out for the next few weeks I used to time to add a small electric trolling motor (36lbs thrust) on a homemade bracket. Let's see how that works...
Amazon Customer
Exactly what I was looking for
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So far this kayak is doing exactly what I want it to. I got it to kayak with my dog. A 13 yo 78# Golden Retriever. This kayak was rated in the top 5 of kayaking with a dog from everything I read. Very easy to inflate. Easy to haul and launch. I added the extra seat pad to elevate me and make it easier to paddle and maneuver my dog if he decides to adjust his position. I had to move my seat a little to make me feel more balanced with him in the kayak. I have kayaked with and without the dog and on a windy day.
Capable inflatable kayak
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I have used this inflatable kayak many times this summer which has paid for itself by saving me from expensive rental fees. I needed something that can be stored in a compact space in my vehicle and apartment. It has been a workhorse in carrying two adults loaded up with camping gear and two kids and an adult like a champ.
Durable, Stable, Easy to Setup and Pack Up
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Took this out on a local lake today to do some fishing and setting it up was a breeze. It only has 3 chambers to inflate which took about 10 minutes in total from SUV to water. It was me *6ft 220lbs* and my wife *5'7'' 170lbs* and maybe 5 pounds of fishing gear/food. We both enjoyed using the foot rests and the skeg snapped in and wasn't coming off unless you press down on the button and slide. It tracked really well even in some gusts of wind and the material its made of feels really durable.
Great deal for the price
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I was pleasantly surprised on this kayak. First off, I have been using higher end IKs for years now and currently use the Sea Eagle 393RL, but I wanted a back up kayak for friends to use. I took this put the other day and was surprised at its handling. You can tell the material is not as thick as more expensive IKs, but for the price I can't complain. Great back up or starter IK for someone. Good stability, tracks pretty well, and turns quickly.

2. ADVANCED Elements AdvancedFRAME AE1012

AdvancedFRAME AE1012 inflatable kayak

Go away from the city life and enjoy some refreshment on the rivers by using the AdvancedFRAME AE1012, a day touring inflatable kayak that is easy to set up and inflates in minutes. Made with highly durable three-layer double-coated rip stuff fabric, this kayak holds up to 300 pounds of weight so that you can see it carrying all your gear easily.

This kayak has utilized aluminum ribs in bow and stern, for which it slices through water like a knife and rivals the trackability of hard-shell kayaks. While its high support and adjustment padded seat, you can paddle the kayak for hours with total comfort in mind.

It features an advanced element spring valve and an integrated pressure relief valve on the floor for fast inflation and deflation. Weighing at around just 36 pounds, this kayak takes just a few minutes to assemble and is compact and easy to carry along.

MaterialDouble-Coated Rip-Stop Fabric
Person Capacity1
Payload CapacityUp to 300 lbs.
Dimension120″ (L) × 32″ (W)
Kayak Weght36 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on AdvancedFRAME AE1012

Very pleased
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This is a great inflatable kayak. Good leg room (my 6’ 1” husband is comfortable in it). Comfortable. Impressive stability and speed in the water for an inflatable. We bought it to use primarily on lakes or in calm rivers/streams.
Dr. Lester Wills
Very Pleased
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We decided it was time to change from our heavy traditional kayaks and wanted something easier to transport. After much research, we decided on this brand and are very pleased. This one has a more enclosed cockpit which my wife wanted. They are easy to inflate, performed very well, and are easy to transport and store. We are very happy with our purchases
Robert Benson
Love it. Completely lives up to its advertizing
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Really is fast to set up. Paddles well and is easy to handle. The seat back, unfortunately, hits right at the bottom of my rib cage, but I can solve this by sitting on a PFD cushion. Your results may vary. I gladly recommend it based on the quality of manufacturing as well as performance. Not a toy. I also would recommend getting the high volume pump with gage as an accessory as it makes setup fast and correct pressures are important to safety and performance.
Doug H.
For Folks Under 235 lbs, NOT 300 lbs
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Nice kayak for recreational use. The owner's manual says 235lbs max for one person and 300lbs for one person and gear. So cannot recommend if you're too much over 200lbs. I'm 6' with long legs, but with the seat fairly far back my legs fit fine as long as I wear lightweight water shoes. Wide, stable craft that tracks much better than I expected.
Catrina Meijer
Well worth the $$$
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Love this kayak! We needed space saving kayaks at first we were skeptical about purchasing inflatable kayaks, this one has been a pleasant surprise. Very well made. So far we’ve only used them on calm lake waters. I am a beginner and my husband is an intermediate kayaker. I felt very stable and comfortable during our outings. In addition my husband is just happy that it floated 😁Very easy to inflate as well.

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3. NAVARRO 110


Enjoy the calmness and beauty of the river by using the Navarro 110, a recreational touring city inside. A solo kayak offers access to year-round paddling and comfort constructed with welded bladder tubes and the outer skin of Hex Shell 600 Deniers Ripstop to a polyester. This kayak holds up to 250 pounds of weight for paddler and gear pretty quickly.

It features a thick padded seat cushion that anchors to the floor with hook and loop strips, while the adjustable high backrest and breathable mesh panels keep your back cool and offer support. There is a zipper in the front deck for easy access to the bow storage. The bungee rigging on the bow provides secure storage for gear or dry bags.

The covered decks offer complete coverage on the bow and stern that helps keep you warm and dry throughout your kayaking. Besides, it includes a foot brace that attaches with hook and loop strips on the floor for easy adjustment and installation. There are two Boston walls on the tubes, one with two slug valves on the cockpit rim and the other hulk robot-style wall for the high-pressure floor, allowing you to inflate the kayak in just 10 minutes.

Material600 Denier Hex Ripstop Polyster
Person Capacity1
Payload CapacityUp to 250 lbs.
Dimension132″ (L) × 35.5″ (W) × 14.5″ (H)
Kayak Weght28 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on NAVARRO 110

Easy transport
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Love it! Having so much fun with it this summer. Only suggestion would be a better back for the seat. Could be a little less flexible for support. Can't beat not having to wrestle a kayak onto the top of my car. Fits perfectly in the trunk and doesn't take long to inflate or deflate.
Nev Romaschenko
Fast for an inflatable and very well built.
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Very easy to inflate, set up and deflate. I would say it's for someone with a small frMe/short. I'm 5' 4" and I think that's the maximum hight for comfort using this Kayak. My husband is 6' and he couldn't get his legs in fully. A small trick while inflating it, I used an electric low pressure pump to inflate the side tubes, then inflate the floor with the hand pump, the top off the side tubes. This way the kayak would be balanced.
Hardshell who?
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Now onto the full length review... Firstly, I purchased this kayak from Aquaglide’s website. I bought this kayak as an upgrade from my super cheap inflatable kayak (I’m sure you can guess which one I’m talking about). I was looking for a vessel that was stable, fast, durable, portable, and had enough room for multi-day trips. After many days of extensive research I ended up deciding on this kayak for multiple reasons: Its included drop stitch floor, ease of setup, paddle holders, rear storage hatch, upper deck bungee storage and the foam cushioned seat.
Received a used product
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I received this today and it has clearly been used. Have yet to try it, but I would like a partial refund since it is used. I will update this review if I get the refund and once I try the kayak.

4. SEAEAGLE 370 (3p)

SEAEAGLE 370 inflatable kayak

Designed for carrying you and your dog, the sea eagle 370 inflatable kaya is an affordable option for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Made with an i-Beam construction floor and K80 PVC material, this heavy-duty three-person kayak holds up to a massive 650 pounds of weight without breaking a sweat.

It’s got an open and close drain valve and five deluxe one-way valves, which let you inflate the kayak in less than 10 minutes. In addition, you will get two moveable and super comfortable exclusive kayak seats that will give you improved back support to see it for long hours.

Weighing at around just 32 pounds, this kayak packs down small enough to fit in the most miniature car trunk to let you carry to the rivers easily.

Material38 Mil Poly
Person Capacity1
Payload CapacityUp to 250 lbs.
Dimension132″ (L) × 35.5″ (W) × 14.5″ (H)
Kayak Weght28 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on 5. SEAEAGLE 370 (3p)

R Family
Excellent inflatable boat
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Excellent inflatable boat! Took to the Outer Banks NC and had a blast paddling in the sound. Very tough, easy to transport, east to inflate and deflate. Be sure to get the version with the better seats I think they offer much more back support. Husband and I are in our 50s and both weigh about 240-250lb. I think this boat is untippable. Be sure to have dry bag and dry phone bag also.
Russell Ty
Great Product
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Other than the fact it takes a few minutes to inflate, this is a great product. We take it out two or three times a week in various spots around St Petersburg and have found it easy to handle and fun to operate. Perfect for those of us who have smaller RVs in which to travel as it is easy to pack and unfold when at our destinations.
Awesome!!!!!!!so much fun!!!!!!!
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My family laughed when I told them I bought an inflateable kayak. And then we all went on a vacation to cape cod for a week, where we unpacked an assembled the kayak. Took about ten minutes, pumped up fast! And when we took it out everyone was amazed how stable, and seaworthy it was. It made the vacation. This is an awesome kayak, and so easy to pack up, its really amazing. You could never imagine this quality for such a great price. Buy it and let the fun begin!!!
Amazing Kayak
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I didn't have my hopes high for this kayak. But all I can say is wow. It was easy to inflate quickly, and it handled great in the water. Very stable, I let boat wakes in the lake hit me broadside and I didn't even come close to flipping. Plenty of room for two people in the 370. Also very easy to paddle.
Angela Lynn
Remove the Skags for white water
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If you are going to use it on white water, remove the skags. They don't help tracking and will get you hung on things. No issue unless you spin to get free. Then have your patch kit handy. Cut mine off today. I can see where they would be good on flat water. Might be better if they were removable.

5. Driftsun Rover 120

 Driftsun Rover 120

Paddle and Conquer the river like a pro with the Driftson Rover 120, a single-person white water kayak perfect for thrill-seekers and casual paddlers alike. With the highest quality artistry, this kayak holds up to 300 pounds of weight without any issue.

Plus, it has 1000D Reinforced layered PVC side tubes and a heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin Bottom so that it’s going to safely bounce throughout from rocks, logs, and other white water obstacles without having any punctures. With the Drop Stitch Floor Rigid High-Pressure fin along with the ample rocker profile, this kayak offers unparalleled stability in both rough and flat water situations.

It’s got an adjustable EVA padded seat with high back support to give you maximum comfort while sitting for long or throwing your kayak. And since the kayak is designed with the traditional river runner outline, it can handle up to class 3 and 4 rapids. Weighing at around 22 pounds, the Driftsun Rover 120 is super lightweight and packs small in size to easily carry to the rivers.

Material1000D Reinforced Layered PVC
Person Capacity1
Payload CapacityUp to 300 lbs.
Dimension102″ (L) × 36″ (W) × 13″ (H)
Kayak Weght22 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on Driftsun Rover 120

Absolutely worth the money. This will last me a lifetime.
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This kayak is wonderful. It’s made of very heavy duty material. The bottom is so solid you can stand up in it. It was so easy to get in and out of. I was extremely impressed. I’ve been wanting a kayak for years but couldn’t bring myself to buy one due to storage and transportation so I decided to get an inflatable one and I’m not disappointed. The seats are easily adjustable you can put them just about anywhere you wanted. Easy to convert from two seater to one seater. Easy to air up and deflate. The instructions are easy to understand and very specific.
Go Illini
Tough kayak
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Just finished our maiden voyage with the new kayak. Seating is super adjustable and we eventually got me 6’2", wife 5’8" and a small cooler very comfortable. We did a 3 hour small river trip. The kayak dragged on the rocky bottom and ran into numerous branches while navigating rapids. This thing is super tough and came out unscathed. Everything feels high quality and justifies the high price.
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I kayak every weekend from May through October. I love this inflatable. Is everything I had hoped. It is light, way lighter than my hard shell kayak. It is very comfortable. Much easier to inflate then I thought it would be. Like 5 minutes, I am out of shape and it was cake (-: Just 2 issues, I should of gotten this kayak sooner and the bigger issue I let my wife use it and she loves it too.
Well worth the money!
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I like that it is lightweight, but built with heavy duty materials. I take my German Shorthaired Pointer out with me and it has held up to him climbing in and out of it. The one thing I don't like is how you air it up. It is not a standard air pump so using a small battery operated pump is out of the question. The pump that came with it is quite large. I use the backpack it came with and take it to the lake on my motorcycle when it's just me going.
eric hare
Not a Great Bailing Boat in Whitewater
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I have to say, the design and construction is really sound, but you definitely can't do class II or higher waves with two adults in the boat. The kayak filled up without even having waves lap into the boat; instead, the water shot through the bottom of the boat as the self-baling valved aren't one-way. I did a solo run in smaller rapids and didn't have this problem and I'm curious to see how it handles the bigger waves with just me in it.

6. Intex Challenger K1

Intex Challenger K1 inflatable kayak

Get out there and explore the adventure with the Intex Challenger K1, a sporty type one person sitting kayak that offers a streamlined design for easy paddling on rivers. Made with rugged vinyl construction and durable welded material, this kayak holds up to 220 pounds of weight pretty easily.

Its low profile design, bright green color, and sporty eye-catching graphics make the kayak highly visible in the water, providing you with added safety on the lake or slow-moving river. In addition, you will be amazed by seeing its cockpit since it is designed with maximum space for giving you comfort while sitting for hours.

The inflatable i-Beam floors offer stability, while the cargo net lets you store extra gear and grab line on both ends of the kayak. With the Boston Valves built into it, you can quickly inflate or deflate the kayak in minutes with included Intex high output pump.

It comes with a removable skeg that is great for directional movement. At the same time, its adjustable inflatable seat with a backrest gives you a comfortable kayaking experience.

MaterialPunch Resitant Vinyl
Person Capacity1
Payload CapacityUp to 220 lbs.
Dimension16.25″ (L) × 23.13″ (W) × 8.5″ (H)
Kayak Weght∼28 lbs.
Air Chambers2
Repair Patch IncludedYes

User Experience (Reviews) on Intex Challenger K1

Kindle Customer
Love this boat!
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I am a T-2 paraplegic and a water baby at heart and have always wanted a kayak, but my lack of trunk control and balance has kept me from enjoying one. This boat is AMAZING! It is completely stable and gave me no worries of flipping over. I was able to unpack it, inflate it, get in it and go in no time at all. The material is super tough and feels very solid. Once inside the cockpit you feel nice and snug, and the skeg gives you great control over the craft. I plan on spending as much time on the water as possible with my new favorite toy! Great product!!
Great buy
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Live in florida, brought it on a 6 mile kayak trip. It was absolutely great. Got tons of compliments... Plus... We went kayaking in a camaro.. Fit it right in the trunk. Very Comfortable and heavy duty. I am heavy set and i had a cooler loaded with drinks and it was still perfect. We have recommended all of friends to get one.
Wonderfully fun
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This is my first time using a Kayak. It was fantastic! This was easy to air, easy to carry and easy to board and maneuver. I am a short fat chic and this Kayak was very stable for me, I felt safe. I highly recommend it for beginners.
Shanna Baer
Price Doubled!! Won't Again Buy Until It Drops.
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I actually love this kayak, but when I bought it, it was $70. I came back here to buy another one for my sister, only to find it had been upped to $90. I put it in my cart overnight to make sure she still wanted it, and came back to purchase and now it is $140. Outrageous that the price doubled from the original price, and went from $90 to $140 in a matter of hours. That solidified my decision not to buy another one. Ridiculous increase, and pure corporate greed.
Happy... But better choices
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Bought the Intex Explorer K2 (yellow) and loved it! Decided to buy the Challenger K2 (2 person) and the Challenger K1 (this product). By FAR the K2's are more stable even used as a single person. The K1 made me feel like I was going to tip over (my boyfriend did!). Without using the skeg, I could barely control where I was going (didn't have this issue with the K2's). I definitely recommend one of the K2's, even if you are using alone

7. Elkton Outdoors Steelhead 130

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

Win every battle while catching those fishes on the river using the Elkton Outdoor Steelhead 130, a fishing kayak that allows anglers to stand and position themselves for better bait casting. Constructed with 1000D Reinforced Layered PVC to hold up to 400 pounds of weight, This one rider kayak safely bounces off against river obstacles like rocks and logs so that you can go to those tight corners without any worry.

When inflated at the correct pressure, these kayak’s rigid drop stitch floors enable you to stand and move around as if you were in a roto mold kayak. In addition, with its five Hard Modular Equipment Mounts, you can equip your vessel with several commonly available accessories such as rod holders, bait trays, downriggers, and more.

There’s also Cargo and Bungee storage on the kayak that gives you even more space for carrying your other fishing gadgets safe and dry. The Hi-Rise EVA Padded Seats on this kayak will keep you comfortable while waiting for your catch. Moreover, you can also adjust them forward or backward based on your height and weight preference.

MaterialLaminated PVC
Person Capacity1
Payload CapacityUp to 400 lbs.
Dimension130″ (L) × 39.5″ (W) × 13″ (T)
Kayak Weght40 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on Elkton Outdoors Steelhead 130

Paul Brooks
No accessory support
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This kayak has several spots where you can add accessories. The problem is there are no accessories supplied by Elkton. They refer you to Scotty but I ordered a fishing rod holder but they gave me pointed screws (wood screws) for an inflatable kayak. Not quite relevant. There is a cup holder available from Scotty but it doesn't fit. If Elkton wants to sell this kayak then support and sell the accessories to fulfill the potential. Don't just pass it on to Scotty who knows little about the kayak.
Jeff T.
Tracks will, easy to carry and set up
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I have only had it out once so far. I have another inflatable kayak, this one so far performs better. It is higher pressure, so is more rigid, supports paddler very will. It tracks better than other inflatables I have used. Seating position is very comfortable. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.
Eric Forkosh
Great kayak
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Excellent quality kayak. Pumping up and deflating is much quicker than I expected and the kayak itself tracks pretty well. Very comfortable for one person to sit in and fish.
Steve Heitz
Poorly packed
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This kayak is exactly what I was looking for but it was shipped with major dents or scratches. If it was just one or two maybe it wouldn't be so bad but it has 7 dents that nearly penetrate the exterior. I am actually afraid to put it into the river in case one of the 7 dents split. The box it came in had no visible dents so it must have been a packing issue.

8. Sevylor Madison KIT

Sevylor Madison KIT inflatable kayak

Enjoy kayaking like never before with the Sevylor Madison KIT, a two-person inflatable kayak that combines a unique mix of maneuverability, stability, and ergonomics to give you supreme comfort.

Made with robust and water-resistant tripoli material, this kayak can hold up to a massive 440 pounds of weight without any damage. In addition, there’s a Seatography guide on the floor that lets you determine where you should exactly put your seat so that you can get the most incredible comfort and correct usage of the kayak.

Besides, the Sevy-STRONG tarpaulin has been generously extended well above the waterline to protect more surface area of the kayak. In addition, its removable thin and welded directional strake offers excellent maneuverability. At the same time, its new molded side handles double function as paddle holders to provide convenience.

With its best involves built into it, This kayak comes with an inflation manometer that lets you check the pressure while inflating and deflating the kayak. So now you can set up and play with your kayak like no other.

Inflatable Chambers3
Person Capacity2 Adults
Payload CapacityUp to 440 lbs.
Dimension128.74″ × 36.6″
Kayak Weght∼34.4 lbs.

User Experience (Reviews) on Sevylor Madison KIT

Only used once so far but great
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Great kayak, very quick to inflate and very good on the water, only used it on a canal so far. I struggle to carry it when packed, so need my son or husband to accompany me. The bag would be better if it had padded shoulder straps so I could get it on my back
Stephen B.
Great fun
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So far I have made four trips on rivers and canals with two adults on all trips. It is easy to transport in a car and inflate. Also easy to carry, when inflated, and feels very robust and stable on the water. I haven't tried it on the sea so I cannot comment about its suitability in waves. It's a bit tight on leg room for two people with long legs but that hasn't been a problem for us so far.
Tough inflatable kayak
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Great kayak kit. The kayak is easy to inflate and is plenty big enough for two adults. It is made of a very strong canvas like material so looks like it will be hard wearing. More expensive than many other Inflatable kayaks but you get what you pay for.
Convenient way to get on the water
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Good but not great. Very stable and big enough for 2 adults. Easy to inflate and deflate with aftermarket pump (Intex double pump), the supplied one works very slowly.... I couldn't get on with the supplied paddles double ended, and ended up using half as more traditional. Only downside with this is the blade is a bit small. Nice storage behind rear paddler for smaller rucksack / drybag. Reasonably portable and easy to dry. The downside is that its badly effected by wind, even with the skeg fitted.
Good value
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Excellent kayak. Sturdy, robust and a lot of fun. Easy to inflate and assemble. Good size bag too.


TAHE BEACH LP2 inflatable kayak

Row your kayak with your loved one with the Tahe Beach LP2, an inflatable kayak that is lightweight and easy to use to give you endless playtime. Ideal for two adults or with a child on board, this kayak can hold up to 330 pounds of weight quickly, making it an excellent choice for families looking for easy access to the water.

Plus, it’s made with three-chamber construction and features an outer nylon shell with UV-resistant coating to provide you rigidity, stability, and safety on rivers. Not only that, but its hydrodynamic hull made of durable tarpaulin provides smooth paddling and excellent tracking.

At the same time, the elevated adjustable seat lets you have an ergonomic sitting position for utmost comfort. For quick and easy access to the water, this kayak can be inflated in just five minutes. If needed, you can quickly remove moisture and dry out the kayak after use by using its drain plug, making it a worthwhile kayak in its class.

MaterialGrabner Rubber Boat Skin
Person Capacity2 Adults
Payload Capacity440 lbs.
Dimension128.74″ ×36.5″
Inflatable Chambers3
Kayak Weight34.4 lbs.

10. Grabner HYPE

Grabner HYPE inflatable kayak

Raise and beat every opponent that comes in her path by using the Grabner Hype, a sporty inflatable kayak built to handle light reverse up to medium white water. Made with Grabner rubber boat skin, the Hype offers 198 pounds of payload capacity, which is perfect for most riders.

Designed with water racing in mind to grab their Hype is only 13.5 kilograms in weight so that you can cross around the reverse swiftly in no time. Moreover, a short boat length makes the Hype highly maneuverable and ideal for rough waters. This kayak is designed so that you will be able to roll with it on the rivers smoothly.

As the closed deck is waterproof, you will never sit in those cold water and always ride in comfort. In addition, it features excellent age behavior and offers impressive surfing performance and maximum safety like no other kayak. Finally, the high air pressure makes this kayak extremely stable, allowing for an efficient direct ride.

Overall, the Grabner Hype is the ultimate kayak you can get right now if you want to beat out your opponent or have some fun on the rivers.

Material Grabner Rubber Boat Skin
Person Capacity 1
Payload Capacity 198 lbs.
Air Chambers 3
Kayak Weght 30 lbs.
Weight 43 Pounds

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