10 Top-Rated Camping Hammock To Buy in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

10 Top-Rated Camping Hammock To Buy in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Camping hammock is a kind of outdoor gear that lets you relax while you’re camping out in nature. However, different hammocks come in other features, sizes, functionality, and capacity. It’s tough to choose the right one that’ll fulfil your needs while camping. So to help you out, we’ve gathered a list and prepare a list of the top 10 best camping hammocks that you should check before going out camping.

1. Kammok Sunda 2.0 Tent-Hammock

Kammok Tent Hammock Sunda 2.0 Arbor Green

Designed to convert to an all-in-one, the Kammok Sunda 2.0 is a tent-hammock that is incredibly versatile and reliable to use outdoors. Made with industry-leading 40D Nylon material, the Kammok Sunda 2.0 can hold up to 400 pounds of weight effortlessly.

The interior offers 34.75 square feet of living space, accommodating two adults plus all your gear, kids, or dogs. With this hammock, you can go from a tent to a hammock in under 60 seconds.

Thanks to a new lightning-fast setup and transition design with integrated rainfly waterproof bathtub floor and high-quality seam tape. This hammock offers weather protection against heavy downpours.

Moreover, it features catabatic venting to ensure maximum cross ventilation while still fly and windows let you have visibility out of the tent and amplified airflow. Weighing at around just 6.15 pounds, the Kammok Sunda 2.0 hammock will be the perfect gear to carry for you and your loved one indeed.

Available in ColourArbor Green
Floor40D Ripstop Nylon
Wall MessNanonet 15D Nylon
RainflyLumos 20D Polyster Ripstop
FrameDAC Aluminium Poles
Footprint40D Nylon PU 2000mm, DWR
Payload Capacity400 lbs.

User Experiences (Reviews) on Kammok Sunda 2.0

Can’t Wait ‘til Spring!
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Best tent I’ve ever owned
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Simply put I wouldn’t camp without it. Incredibly comfy sleeping in hammock mode and saves the day as a ground tent when your treeless. Slept soundly through multiple Rocky Mountain storms in hammock mode. Perfectly dry and stable every time. Added bonus - the Kammok team is fun, friendly, and energetic!
Versatile and well thought out product worth the money.
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2. Tentsile Duo 2-Person Double Camping Hammock

Tentsile Duo camping hammock

Check out the Tentsile Duo, a two-person double camping hammock that offers a super minimalistic design while using the most robust and enduring materials. With this unique tension Anti Roll Strap system, it creates two separate sleeping bays. At the same time, the central underfloor strap prevents both occupants from rolling towards the heaviest person.

Suspended between three anchor points, this hammock provides enough cushion to your body without sucking, so you can sleep however you like. Tentsile offers a green fabric model with 1500hrs of UV protection, while the black mesh resists up to 1500hrs of UV exposure to protect you from the sun’s light.

As the naming goes, the Tentsile Duo can hold two adults at up to 880 pounds of weight, making it perfect for you and your partner to cuddle up indeed. Weighing at around 15.4 pounds, the Tentsile Duo is easy to pack and can be your next adventure gear.

Key Features of Tentsile Duo Hammock:

  • Comfort & Protection
  • Hold Up To 400 kg
  • It has Anti-Roll Straps
  • No Level-Ground Needed
Available in ColourBlack Mesh and Green
Floor Fabric40D Nylon/Polyester PU Coated
Floor Area43 sq. ft.
Floor Dimension13×13×8.85ft.
Weight15.4 lbs.
Payload Capacity400 lbs.

User Experiences (Reviews) on Mock One

Brian J. Schmidt
Well made and easy to set up
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Bought this for out at our cabin and so far everyone (kids and adults) love it. It was pretty easy to set up the first time and now that we have identified a good spot for it, can get it totally set in less than 10 minutes. The materials are all quality. It seems tough, like it'll last us quit a while.
This bad boy is a champ
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This bad boy is a champ. Once i found the right trees, it took me 5 minutes to set up my first try. It can hold about twelve 8 year olds comfortably, and keep them distracted for over an hour.
A much loved gift
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Bought this as a gift for family who loves camping. They were very excited. This is high quality material and easy to use design. It looks like it will last for several years of frequent use.
Good quality product.
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I liked laying on a flatter plane from all other hammocks. It does take some time to get the straps just right. It is critical that they are centered or it won't hang right. I really like the fabric, it is quite durable and doesn't allow as much air from below to cool you down. I have used it camping and setting it up in the park to rest on.
Awesome if you can find the right trifecta of trees. 😩
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This is pretty cool when you get it set up but you have to have 3 trees at the perfect angle to get it to fully tighten, honestly I wish I would have bought something else with the money because it’s a pain in the you know what. The guy in the videos makes it look so easy but then again that’s always true.

3. Crua Hammock Culla

Crua Hammock Culla

With the help of sleep experts, the Crua Hammock Culla is here to deliver maximum comfort sure sleep is a peaceful one. Its outer material is made of durable water repellent, which is breathable. In contrast, its inner material is constructed with breathable graphene or polyester filling to make it durable for any use.

It has got thermal insulation technology for which you can stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Weighing at around 5.2 pounds, this hammock will undoubtedly be a great addition to enjoy some peaceful time outdoors.

Key Features of Crua Hammock Culla:

  • Thurmal Insulation: Stay perfectly warm with our thermal insulated technology & climate control
  • Wearable Mode: Wakeup warm & Stay Warm
  • Fits All Hammock: It even fits your two person Koala Maxx
  • Backpackable: Portable and easy set-up
Outer MaterialDWR Breathable Polyester
Inner Material430G/MS Graphine/Polyester Filling
Capacity1-2 Person
Hammock Packed11″/28cm×5″/12.7cm
Bugmesh Packed7″/17.8cm×5″/12.7 cm
Weight5.2 lbs.

User Experiences (Reviews) on Crua Hammock Cullat

Ann Black, January 2021
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As a Koala user, I was delighted to get to test the hammock Culla last month and I have to say I'm impressed. It's a very different experience. It was cold (not freezing) and having the insulated 'cocoon' around me - but not on top of me - certainly made a huge difference. I can highly recommend.

4. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Elevate your camping game by using the launch on the blue ridge, a unique hybrid tent hammock that has been rated one of the best hammocks by leading publications. Made with the highest quality waterproof Ripstop Nylon and polyester materials, the Lawson hammock can hold up to 275 pounds of weight by integrating spreader bar and arch pulls.

It keeps the bed flat and taut so that you can stay inside comfortably while eliminating the cocoon or banana effect. It comes with an integrated No-See-Um bug net and attached rainfly, so you don’t have to worry about pesky insects and unpredictable weather conditions.

Overall, the Lawson hammock is the most versatile hammock, perfect for all types of camping, backpacking, or any other events.

Key Features of Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge:

  • This hammock comes in two in one (i.e hammock and tent in one)
  • You can use it anywhere
  • Use to use and set-up.
Available in ColourForest Green
Interior length90″
Interior Width42″
Packing Size22″×6″
Payload Capacity275 lbs.
Total Weight4.25 lbs.

User Experiences (Reviews) on Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

SHEENA HBest hammock I’ve ever used!!
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I love everything about this hammock! Was originally planning to use it as my camping hammock and another as my backpacking one, but I think I’ll be finding a way to carry this one when backpacking. Super spacious, comfy, easy to put up and take down. So far so good with durability, it seems to be made very well. Zero complaints. It’s worth the money if you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors.
jesse abrahams
Worth the money!
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My wife bought this for my birthday. I'm in the national guard and my issue tent was destroyed and I needed something for our annual training. This is an amazingly comfortable and easy to use hammock. I've had it set up in my yard for the last two months and it has withstood 50mph gusts and terrible rainstorms. I couldn't reccomend this hammock enough. It's worth the money.
Terry Williamson
Awesome product
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Immediately after receiving this hammock, I went on a two week camping trip. There were a large group of us camping and we were on a hill side. I heard people complain the whole time, because they would slide down in their tent all night, they would also complain of rocks and such under their tent. Meanwhile after a fast a easy setup I was sleeping like a baby, for what seemed like a short two weeks.
Review guy
Pretty good product
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Solid product for camping or the backyard. At 4-5lbs this won't be the best choice for backpacking or through-hiking. For car camping or camping near home this would be a good pick. The veristility of a hammock/tent is cool for most terrain like rocks or places with no trees. Desently durable as well.
W. Hammen
It provides good protection in the rain and it is well made
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It provides good protection in the rain and it is well made. The weight is a bit on the heavy side but that was not unexpected. I would give this some higher stars but it is a tip prone hammock. To overcome this we have used lines on the corners to anchor it down.

5. Clark Vertex 2-Person Camping Hammock

Clark Vertex

Want to snuggle up with your loved one inside a hammock? Then check out the Clark Vertex, a two-person camping hammock that is designed for three seasons to make your camping fun and memorable.

With up to 700 pounds of payload capacity, this unique hammock features two independent hammock bits, one for you and the other for your partner to sleep at peace. Made from mosquito-resistant fabric, its breathable weather shield offers privacy and warmth while protecting you from cold, wind, and moisture.

It’s got two pockets attached to the center storage section that can hold items you need during the nighttime while you’re sleeping. In brief, the Clark Vertex is a great camping hammock that you should get if you have a plan to camp with a partner.

Capacity2 Person
Climate3 Season
Weight4.75 lbs.
Maximum Payload Capacity700 lbs.


User Experiences (Reviews) on Clark Vertex 2-Person Camping Hammock

The Collector
Well worth the money!
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This hammock was purchased in the hopes of sharing the outdoors with my fiance. It's pretty much the highest quality hammock I have ever purchased. The construction and materials are top quality and best of all (MADE IN THE USA). I own other hammocks made by competitors and they don't come close in terms of craftsmanship, I know I will have this for years to come. This is the Cadillac of double hammocks and I can't wait to use it again. If your're looking for a double that will blow your mind and make you feel at home outdoors, this is the hammock to buy!
F. Martinez
Great for couples
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I have had this hammock for a couple of years and it has been great. It is sturdy and comfortable and has allowed me to go backpacking with my wife who sleeps comfortably in the hammock but not usually on the ground - even with an inflatable pad.
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Nice Hammock but the stitching makes it look low quality and quickly made. I believe it’s a bit over priced.

6. AMOK Draumr 5.0 Standard Size

AMOK Draumr 5.0

Sleep truly flat on your side, back, or stomach by using the Draumr 5.0 from AMOK, a flat leg camping hammock that’ll let you enjoy. Its main fabric is made of 70D Nylon RS HD, while its bug knit fabric has been designed with AMOLED 20, for which it can comfortably handle up to 400 pounds of weight quickly.

You can turn the hammock upright like a chair with adjustable straps, letting you feel like you’re sitting on an actual chair. It has got a bomb-proof bug net with a smooth zipper to sleep comfortably at night without worrying about the bugs.

There is a bottle holder to store your drinks, a padded pocket to hold your air mattress in place, and plenty of storage pockets to store your valuables. Weighing at only 1.9 pounds, the Amok Draumr hammock is easy to carry and set up to your campsite indeed.

Main Fabric70D Nylon RS HD
Bug Net FabricAmmonlight 20
Reinforced Fabric100D Nylon RS
Payload Capacity400 lbs.
Comfort Limit6′ 1″
Weight1.9 lbs.

User Experiences (Reviews) on AMOK Draumr 5.0 Standard Size

Keith Kowalski
Great product, Very good quality, easy set up
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Great product, takes a little getting used to compared to typical hammocks. Very good quality, easy set up, great company to deal with on support. Tried several mats, settled on Exped Synmat UL 7 LW for best fit and support.
Nathan Megan Staples
My tried and true hammock
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I met the makers of these hammocks back in 2014.. bought a Draumr that day. I’m an avid hammock camper and have never looked at using another hammock since the Draumr. It always brings some stares as most people assume all hammocks point you in the direction of towards trees. Thishsmmock allows for amazing views when set up near water.
M. Rodriguez
Nice hammock
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Nice hammock - overall pretty comfy, however the sleeve for the air pad seems a bit short and when I fit my pad in it, it causes the hammock to bend quite a bit. Especially if I zipper it completely in the sleeve. I have found that if i don't zipper it all in, then the hammock works a little better - especially since in this configuration it keeps the netting out of my face.

7. Eno, Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock

Eno Eagles Nest outfitters JungleNest Hammock

Designed for backcountry hikers who don’t want to sacrifice comfort and money, the Eagles Nest Outfielder’s JungleNest Hammock from Eno is a perfect night sleep. This hammock is made with 40D new wave nylon and skywave light mesh, and this hammock holds up to 300 pounds of weight effortlessly.

It has an extended 10-foot long hammock body that gives you more space to spread out and find your comfort zone whether you are lying straight or diagonally. In addition to its structural ridgeline and lightweight DAC Spreader Bar, it creates an airy tent-like canopy and gives you more space to move.

With an integrated bug net, you can rest assured that those jungle bugs will not hamper your night. Weighing at around 20 ounces, you can easily carry it to your campsite without having your backpack. In short, this hammock takes relaxation and insect protection to new levels to enjoy nature.

Key Features of Eagles Nest Outfitters:

  • Leightweight and Easy to Carry
  • This Hammock Comes With a Ridgeline
  • It can easily hold up to 400lbs (181 kilograms)
  • This particular hammock comes in Single layer and Two people can fit.
Available in ColourEvergreen and Pacific
Hammock Material40D NewWave Nylon
Payload CapacityUp to 300 – 40 lbs.
Packed Dimension10″×5″×5″
Weight20 Oz.

User Experiences (Reviews) on Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest

Tyler V.
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I’m wroting this review in the hammock, super light, comfy, and easy to set up highly recommended. Also the bug net is totally worth it don’t cheap out. It keeps the bugs out while also helping insulate.
Scott Meit
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Really nice design. Little touches that mean a lot. Pleasantly surprised to discover first night that I used it that the loops attached to the inside screen zippers GLOW in the dark. Now that's thinking! Only thing I'd consider adding if a 3rd point in the middle of the top of the netting to attach to the support line. Middle sags (unlike the impression given by the picture on site). Not a big deal really; just a small detail to consider for improvement.
It worked great and exceeded my expectations
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I received the hammock on time, and just got back from a short time in the backcountry. It worked great and exceeded my expectations. Will definitely order another set for my wife.
robert coleman
So far pretty good.
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So far pretty good. It came on time and I took it straight to the mountains. It sleeps well and definitely keeps the bugs out. I don't bother buying the ENO hanging straps. All they are is a daisy chain made from webbing for 30+ bucks. I use some webbing with eyes sewed in the end supplemented with light rope like para cord or accessory rope for climbing.
Perfect for camping or just hanging out
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I haven't gotten to take this hammock camping yet but I already love it. It is very comfortable but the only downside is the rain covers cost just as much as the hammock! And the para cord it comes with to hang up the bug net is not long enough to tie around two trees. But all in all this product is made out of great quality.

8. McLean Metalworks Hammock

Mclean Metalwork Hammock

It is engineered to make hammocking anywhere possible for you with a vehicle. The McLean Metalworks is here that requires no trees, no post, rocks, or tripods to set up your hammock. Constructed from high-strength CNC laser cut formed and welded steel, this hammer can hold up to 300 pounds of weight pretty quickly.

It fits all standard 2-inch class 3 and 4 vehicle receiver hitches while its black frame with galvanized collapsed arms is secured into the frame and easily deployed with quick release pins for transport. Weighing at around 40 pounds, this hammock will let you enjoy some peaceful moments going up to the cliff on the mountain or just at the side of a beach.

Available in Colour Multiple Colours
Hammock Material Powdercoat & Galvanized
Accommodates Hammocs Up to 114″ in length
Payload Capacity Up to 300 lbs.
Fits 2″ Vehicle Receiver Hitches
Weight 40 lbs.

9. Mock One Compact Folding Hammock

Mock one foldable camping hammock

No trees, no ropes, no problems! Introducing the Mock One, a compact and folding hammock that breaks the tradition and lets you set up anywhere your heart desires. Made from 220 parachute nylon, this hammock is 30% stronger than most competitor’s, while its coated steel frame holds up to 250 pounds quickly.

It has got a sunshade that blocks the sun with UPF 50+ shade. Moreover, its side pockets basket and ring pockets allow you to store your drinks and valuables in one place. Weighing at around 15 pounds, you can easily pack it to your site and set it up in just 60 seconds or less.

Overall, the Mock One is perfect for patio naps, home barbecue camping, or anywhere you like to set up without the hassle of trees and ropes.

Key Points of Mock One Hammock:

  • Compact & Light
  • No Trees and Ropes Needed
  • Sit, Chill and Relax Better
  • Self Isolation in Style
  • Best Portable Hammock For Everyone
Available in Colour Green/Gray
Hammock Material 210T Parachute Nylon
Frame Material Coated Steel Frame
Payload Capacity Up to 250 lbs.
Person Height Limit Up To 6’4″
Open Size 67″L×25″Wcm × 31″H
Footprint 36″W×24″D

User Experiences (Reviews) on Mock One

Useful for me
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Haha, after seeing this, I always wanted to buy it, but now I finally bought it. Later, bring it to the camping, the seaside, and the park. The packaging is great, reasonable, and of good quality. It is easy to install and very convenient to carry. I am so heavy. It is no problem to lie down with my children.😄😄
June C.
Great things come with small footprint
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Instant dream-like comfort. Very small footprint. Easy to set up. Sturdy. Only wish it came in an enclosed zippered bag. Waiting for accessories to be available. Definitely worth the money.
Anna Fisher
Great product and amazing customer support
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Fantastic product and customer support ! I did not realized that I miss some parts until year after my purchase and they send it to me free of charge at my door steps in 3 days. Great and comfortable. Slept out at the deck with my son with bug nets on. Love it .
Jay Atchison
Comfortable and well thought out.
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The hammock stows into a compact, light bundle. Easy to set up, comfortable to lay on, have not slept on. A little pricey but is clever in it's design.
Great portable hammock with minor issue
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This is a great portable hammock as long as it never gets wet. We recently left this out in a quick rainstorm and nearly every hinge and joint is forming red rust. It's very frustrating considering that the tubes are coated and the buttons appear to be chromed. The hammock itself is very sturdy and comfortable however the amount of rust that formed after one rainstorm is very troubling. You definitely cannot leave this outside 24/7.

10. Crua Koala V2

Crua Koala v2 camping hammock

Make yourself comfortable while enjoying nature on the Crua Koala V2, a feature-packed and spacious hammock that you’ll love to get. Made with 220 nylon premium grid materials, this hammock is strong enough to hold up to 450 pounds of weight quickly. Beaten by the annoying box from underneath, don’t worry. As of now, the Crua Koala V2 has got a bug mesh that goes around 360 degrees to provide you with bugless freedom.

Its new fancy organizer for your most valuable items is designed to hang anything you need, while its new movable pockets allow you to attach them wherever you need them. To enjoy the drink you want it’s trusty beer cosy is now a bigger and better drink to store whatever beverage you like. With a reversible reflective coating, it’ll give you the perfect temperature and is ready for all nature’s elements.

Key Points of Crua Koala V2:

  • Given 7 Useful Pockets and Bug Mesh
  • You’ve Gven 2 Position (Sit Back or Lie Down)
  • This Hammock have capacity of 2 person
  • 2 Year Warrently
Available in Colour Blue
Trip Strap Material Polyester Webbing
Hammock Material 450 lbs.
Waterproof Pockets Material 210T Rip-Stop Polyester
Bugmesh Packed 7″/17.8cm × 5″/12.7cm

User Experiences (Reviews) on Crua Koala V2

It’s great but bugs still get you
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Great hammock! Great quality and the setup is a breeze. Unfortunately though being the mosquito magnet that I am those little buggers still got me from the bottom as the weight of my partner and I pulled us down to the net. Still love it though and would happily buy again! My partner got zero bites haha
Frank van den Heuvel
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I received mine today (Netherlands). Very happy with this and can’t wait to use and enjoy it. Thanx Crua team! I wish you all very Happy Holidays and a great 2021 😉
Alex Elmbæk
Easy Set Up!
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Finally received it! Gonna try it out tonight (in around 5 degrees).. But MAN is it easy to set up 😀